I’m so glad you made it. Circumstances such as this are not by chance, however by divine design. Let me introduce myself.  I’m Tracey R. Bryant a certified Yoni Steam Practitioner, Womb Wellness Educator and a Ma’at Priestess. I received my training and certification from Sat Ra Sobukwe SoDaye of the YONI Steam Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. I gained tools and knowledge on how to heal my own womb from soul and generational trauma. It changed my life forever. I am a certified Natural Health and Wellness Consultant, and received my certification from Dr. Akua Gray of A Life Of Peace Institute. It allowed me to understand how important nutrition is in the role of healing from the inside out, and how we can change the way we think, look and feel based on our knowledge in using herbs and food as natural medicine. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from McNeese University in Sociology and Human Sexuality over 10 years ago. I am a Kemetic Reiki Practitioner through the Ra Sekhi Healing Arts Temple. This learning experience increased my knowledge of how our free flowing healing energy is necessary for increased frequency and divine light vibration, and how to remove stagnant energy that may cause discomfort and disease. I received Ancient healing techniques through learning the healing power of life force energy.
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I AM an Oracle, and an Earth Priestess. I received my Earth Priestess training with Kelarius Finex of Eternal Elevation. This education was by far one of my greatest opportunities as it positioned me to deal with Earth elements, Bodies of Consciousness, Angelic Beings, Emotional Frequencies, energies and how to continue to develop, and increase in my metaphysical abilities.

I AM lover of all things feminine and sensual and I believe that feminine wellness and creativity resides in the healing and balance of the Divine Feminine, “The Womb.” My methods of healing are Ancient Herbal Medicine, Herbal Vaginal Steaming Practices, Medical Astrology, Crystal Healing, Kemetic Reiki, Clairvoyance, and Metaphysical Healing techniques that assist women in regaining balance within their Womb center, and re-awakening her Goddess potential. I am the owner of Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness - a new feminine and tranquil spa experience.

I AM a Herbalist and the creator of the Original Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea. It's full of exotic fruits and berries, and delicious blend of organic herbal ingredients for a pleasant smelling, and sweet tasting vagina.

I AM a Goddess of Love and Sensuality. I’m also a Holistic Sexual Empowerment Coach, and a Self - Love and Life Coach. I’m the creator, owner and founder of "Honey Luv Romance” A sensual empowerment boutique that promotes romance, sensual and sexual health, and wellness to women, couples, and to the men that love them.

I know it sounds like a lot, and it is! However, it's all part of the Universe's divine plan. Feel free to call me at 337.944.9131 for a consultation concerning Womb Wellness, Natural Health and Nutrition, Herbal Wellness and/or Holistic Sexual Health, and Organic Love making. I am more than happy to serve you and assist you on how to increase your love, and your knowledge and create a conscious shift into your health, love, creativity, joy, abundance, wellness and prosperity. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Tracey Bryant Exclusively in Essence Magazine
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